Moving House

I have now been in my house for over a month, it is so great, I can do as I please, where as with the rented house I felt very restricted. As you can see above all my herbs were in  an old wash tub. I moved them into pots for the move and they are now planted out into a herb garden. Debosia has been used as a mulch.


These photos are of packing up. I would like to thank Mary, Barb,Lena, Eloisa,Kelly, Cavil,Tristan, Corny, Pete and Igor for helping me pack up and unpack.


The big shed that Pete will probably use to store his machinery





as it says the office


Entrance to house


Front of house


The dam which pumps water up to the house and garden. you will note there are very little under-story plants, this is due to cattle being run on the property before my purchase of it


Fire road that circles the inside of property. These roads have to be maintained.


Lemonade tree


Orange tree. There are two in the garden.
Grapefruit tree. There are many other fruit trees in the garden, one of the stone fruit began flowering today
Vegetables planted in old laundry tub.
More veggies.
Not a very good photo of the pale faced Rosella’s. They are shy birds and only come into the paddock not the garden

Author: Catherine Spence

Hi, I am Catherine. I am passionate about a relationship with God & desirous to feel all my emotions.

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