Failed Experiment

Nothing we ever do is really a failed experiment, it may not work the way we wanted it to or the way we expected it to but we always learn something.

I wanted to see if vegetables would grow more quickly, use less water, and be more healthy if grown in soil that composting worms had composted or rather decomposed.

So I dug a hole and put some lucerne hay and some manure in the bottom of it…… photo upper left… top of page. Next some scraps that Tristan dropped off from the scrap run. photo…… upper right….. Worms were then added and lime spread over the top to prevent it smelling. Another layer of hay and manure ……lower left…..And last of all cardboard on top. I then left it for a few weeks.

When I took the cardboard off, the scrapes were gone, I could only find one worm, and it was very hot inside the hole, then a rat jumped out. I got a fright, as I was kneeling on the ground, so did not see if it was a native rat or an introduced one.

So some of the things I learnt were:

If you construct something that is warm, covered from the elements, has food near by, and all the comforts of a home, something will occupy it.

Composting occurs very quickly. I do not know how to how to prevent composting. Decomposing takes longer but is better than composting because the heat in the compost destroys all the good microbes in the soil, there for composted soil has no life.

All is not lost, I still have a vegetable garden. I will just add in some of the soil I removed, put in some soil other composting worms have made, then plant some vegetables.






Author: Catherine Spence

Hi, I am Catherine. I am passionate about a relationship with God & desirous to feel all my emotions.

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