Hello, I’m Catherine Spence.

I was born in Tamworth NSW in 1945 and at 1 year of age my mother, father, brother & myself moved to Walcha area, where my father grazed 7000 acres of land with sheep and cattle.
Until high school, I went to a very small 2 teacher school, then to a Catholic boarding school where I began to learn about God.
At an age of 17 I commenced my 4 year general nursing at St. Vincent hospital. At 22 years of age I did midwifery.

At 23 I was married and moved back to the area that I grew up in. I was involved in the day today running of Tia River and in 1980 took over the responsibility of its care.

I have planted 1,000′ s of trees, many for wild life corr0doors,fenced off any remnant vegetation on Tia, and many Landcare projects. Killed foxes, sheep and cattle. Tia River became my whole life I loved creating new projects and experimenting with new ideas but in 2004 I sold the property and moved to the Mid-North Coast of NSW. In 2012 I again moved back to  The New England area.

I was searching for truth all my life and discovered Divine Truth in 2010.
In 2012 that was the way I desired to live my life. I moved closer to Mary & Jesus in 2016 because I had a great desire to learn more of Divine Truth.

My personal desire is to be involved in the Learning Centre and a desire to know and love God more.