Moving House

I have now been in my house for over a month, it is so great, I can do as I please, where as with the rented house I felt very restricted. As you can see above all my herbs were in  an old wash tub. I moved them into pots for the move and they are now planted out into a herb garden. Debosia has been used as a mulch.


These photos are of packing up. I would like to thank Mary, Barb,Lena, Eloisa,Kelly, Cavil,Tristan, Corny, Pete and Igor for helping me pack up and unpack.


The big shed that Pete will probably use to store his machinery





as it says the office


Entrance to house


Front of house


The dam which pumps water up to the house and garden. you will note there are very little under-story plants, this is due to cattle being run on the property before my purchase of it


Fire road that circles the inside of property. These roads have to be maintained.


Lemonade tree


Orange tree. There are two in the garden.
Grapefruit tree. There are many other fruit trees in the garden, one of the stone fruit began flowering today
Vegetables planted in old laundry tub.
More veggies.
Not a very good photo of the pale faced Rosella’s. They are shy birds and only come into the paddock not the garden

Director of God’s Way.

If God’s Way is to survive and to prosper I must change.

I have spent all of my almost 72 years of my life running away and hiding, now I need to put myself out there, talk about myself, write about what I am doing, not worry about what people may think or what they may project at me.

God’s Way will only survive if the rest of the world knows what we are doing, how we are doing it, why we are doing it and then some may want to help. If the Constitution is read they will have some idea what God’s Way goals are.

I am afraid of putting myself out into the big wild world. I have been escaping the world and the people in it all my life, if I stop doing that, I will have to feel all the emotions I am running away from, why I need to hide and the way I was treated by my family. I went through it once and touched on the emotion before and I know how much it hurt. But this is the only way that I and God’s Way will prosper.

I had the belief that I had worked all my life and now it was time to relax but that is all wrong, now it is the time to really start working and do something worthwhile and with some meaning and maybe in some way help someone else not just myself.

So at 3.15 am on 21\6\17 let it begin.



We Have a few little helpers at the Learning Centre thought you may be interested in seeing them at work repairing their homes.

Termite Photos taken by Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins

Termites or white ants as many people call them, are regarded by many people as pests and so they try and do destroy them, but they were created by God, to decompose material and by doing so help us a great deal. Just imagine how many fallen trees would be lying on the ground and take so much more time to revert back to the elements from which they came.

Mistletoe is a parasite usually carried from one tree to another. It will eventually kill the host tree. At the Learning Centre  the mistletoe is mainly on the wattle trees.  The mistletoe not only feeds the mistletoe bird and other nectar eating creatures but because it is dense it also protects and makes houses for small mammals, bats and insects.

Bag moths or itchy grubs. I was wondering if anyone knew what the  role is that they play in nature? Everything in Gods universe has a reason as why it was created.


Environment Issues

Every month or so I will be writing about environment issues on the learning Centre.

Although the Learning Centre has different types of soil, trees, animals and some bird species than I am used to, the degrading of the land is caused by the same things:

  • Timber removed for milling
  • Clearing of regrowth
  • Gully and sheet erosion due to lack of ground cover caused by the above
  • Rain water running off the property also because of lack of cover
  • Evaporation of water occurring due also to lack of cover
  • Hoofed animals
  • Grazing pressure of above animals
  • Compaction of soil due to introduced animals
  • Drought becoming more frequent e.g. summers warmer winters colder
  • Earth changes

The earth changes are occurring because of our unloving emotions.We are Gods greatest creation and we effect all of the earth’s systems and its creatures.

Nature can and will repair its self, this can take hundreds of years. We wish to help the land to recover by doing it Gods Way just as Jesus and Mary teach:

  • Get enough systems so weeds can grow
  • Retain all weeds
  • Have enough nitrogen in the soil so plants will grow

To do this we need to :

  • Keep all rain that falls on the property by slowing down the run off, grass trees and shrub coverage, dams, swales and holes
  • Soil fill swales, holes and eroded gullies with organic waste matter and use compost worms to filtrate the soil around taking minerals and nitrogen with them.
  • Get intelligence into the soil e.g. seeds have intelligence, they are alive also living creatures, organisms, fungi and mycelium etc

All intelligence needs food, water and a home to live in.

  • Weeds are anything that grows, all weeds have intelligence They repair the soil they grow in, they may be prickly and have thorns, so nothing eats them.
  • After the soil has repaired its self new plants will grow. A seed will only grow if conditions are right.

Recovery organisms both below soil e.g. worms above soil and insects. More organisms live below the soil than above it.

There are different types of soil:

  • Sandy, Rocky and Clay.
  • All of these soils are treated differently, clay holds water longer but it also runs off if dry.
  • Sandy, the water runs through it but if a clay base will retain water longer.

Decomposition: go into a forest and see all the leaf litter on the floor of the forest, this breaks down feeding the trees and under story plants and because of the shade of the trees and under story plants the rain falls gently through the canopy and wind is reduced, everything is the way God created things to work.

This is the way we hope to restore the Learning Centre.